I need help. Paypal transfer money

Hi i had my account suspended and then i made another one without realising that i was not allowed to make another. I then sold a $70 item on the new account. Then i transferred it to my paypal, the money had not gone through however i then got a notification about the payment on gameflip. I could not check it because then the second account was suspended. I would like to know if i will get that money


Can you send me your invite code so I can properly check it further?


Hi how do i get my invite code?

The email from Gameflip you received after being suspended should have included the 6-letter invite code. If you can’t find it then browse this forum for a few minutes so you can see the “Message” button unlocked when you go to the moderator’s profile.

My invite code is P6A7X8 however that was my first account that was suspended. However the one that i sold the $70 item on i did not get any email about it was just suspended


Due to the reason that the account is suspended, I’m unable to provide ytou further help.

I’m sorry.