Gameflip scamming me

I have got 101 dollars and 16 cents on my account. They suspended my account because I’ve apparently been scamming items on a alternate account. First of all I never used that account because I created it as my main account was suspended and once created I got a message saying we’ve unsuspended your account so i went back on that one. Now it’s not letting me withdraw my money. Beware this site is a scam do not use gameflip. And never store large amounts of money in your account. Someone fix this now or I’m going to get fuming. This is stupid. My invite code is FY4DY9. Haha that’s funny isn’t it the amount of times I’ve needed to send gameflip my invite code means that it comes up with my invite code in my messaging so I don’t have to remember it. That shows how bad this is

As replied via PM, your account had reasons to be suspended. I’m waiting further explanation via PM.