Scammed by gameflip january

Withdrew 32$ to my paypal which glitched upon cashing out. Balance went to 0 on gameflip. Had no confirmation about withdrawal on paypal. I have also made purchases that were under review and then my account got suspended. I want my money back or I’ll be pressing towards legal action against gameflip.

Hahaha tried selling on a different account and they took another $33 and suspended my account and run off with my money again. What a bunch of cunts. I’m seeking legal action and also on phone to paypal to retrieve my funds. Scamming cunts

Can you please send me your invite code via PM or the phone number you used to register your account so I can check it for you?


First off, calm down.

Learn to read and understand the rules first. The fact that you “lost” money on your first account and then decided to make another account to sell somewhere you claim to have ripped you off speaks volumes. Good riddance.