I need the items fast

Hello, this is my first purchase on gameflip and I need my items fast. gameflip wanted a phone bill, my id and credit card. I took the photos and sent them. the site says it can take a few days. Please help me speed up this process. Thank You.

No! Login to your account on mobile gameflip app it’s easier and add phone number and they send msg and verify it by msg received on your phone. You just need to put down your mobile phone number and they send you a text msg to your phone and click it to verify that is your phone number and your done. That’s it. Then you can proceed and get your items as you buy them and retrieve your items after buy gets processed which takes a 1min. or less then you have 1 hour to retrieve your item or your purchase will be canceled and refunded? Type in mobile phone number only and submit to get verification msg and verify and thats it done.gf

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