I tried canceling the order but it's already been confirmed to be delivered!

Reasons why I am trying to get rid of the delivery because the guy I am trading with is pretending to be off the radar. He recently purchased an item from another person he didn’t even bother to pick his item up and it’s been 2 days, please help!

The seller has to manually mark an item as delivered. Did you mark it as delivered without actually delivering? Can you give a screenshot of the transaction page?

The moderators will need your invite code to help you.

I’ll get the screen shot

I didn’t deliver and it was confirmed delivered.

When I signed in and did some deliveries it somehow got accepted to delivery while it was at the bottom of the list.

T3S5VM here you go

When the moderator gets back they can cancel the order for you if that’s possible.

If you can. That’ll be great.


Can you please send me the transaction ID so I can check what can be done?

Send me via PM, thank you!