I want to appeal but the support team ignores me

Hello. I am a buyer in gameflip. I recently got suspended with the following reason: “Fraudulent claim or filing a chargeback after receiving a purchased item” Also I got an email from gameflip support team that says the suspension is permanent. I created a ticket that says: Can I ban appeal? But gameflip did not answer what I was expecting and they closed the ticket! So I created one more again. But the same answer! And then I created the third one. I am waiting for the response to that ticket right now. So… HOW DO I EVEN APPEAL!!!

PS. The email said:
After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s):

  • Fraudulent claims: Filing a chargeback after receiving a purchased item

Please note that creating or accessing other Gameflip accounts is prohibited for the duration of this suspension.

The suspension is permanent

Did you file the chargeback after receiving the item?

Yes I tried to because I thought I got scammed but it was the game that didn’t save my data. So I tried taking it back but it was too late

they will mostly gave u the same answer as when u have problem u should contact the support first and what u did was charge back then contacted after which to them u try to got free game and ur money back.

Update: well… GUESS WHAT? yep i got a email saying i CANT APPEAL FOR ONE MISTAKE MADE WHICH RESULTED IN A FOREVER SUSPENSION i will say this is the worst gaming market in the world

If you think Gameflip is the worst gaming market, try G2A and prepare to be zombified. All game key mafia, chargeback peasants and scammers have headquarters there.

I agree with what Igor said above.

Also, when you make a charge back, you cost them fees and losses and in general, a bad rep.

Making a charge back without even trying to contact the support team to get your problem resolved, then you deserve a permanent ban. Support and guarantees/warranties exists for a reason!

It’s like going to a shop and buying something off the shelf that has a factory defect in it, then you go immediately to the police and report that the shop stole your money. See the logic in this?

People like you is why the digital goods market is getting harder by the second and making it a very dangerous environment for us customers and businesses.

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u always got to be slow and smart as i do buy a lot of stuff and sometimes i got key that don’t work and what i do then is contact the seller and gave him 48h to answer me before i open disputes which gave u 5 days then escalate to gameflip, or if i did completed the sells i do just contact gameflip as there is chance to got my money back but if there isn’t and seller is scammer he will got banned. as u for what u did is worst to do here as u did pass the support and got ur moneys back to gameflip ur not good for there store environment as if u did it now next time ur not happy with the support judgments on ur key u will do it again.

Welp guess I made a mistake.

to there business here if u do it once there done and will not help u as to them if u do it once u will do it 2 times and cost them money. best hope is massage the admiring here and tell me u will do anything to fix it and promises to never do it again as if there is small chance they may forgive u and if they do next time follow the rules.

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