I want to use this site but I will not disclose my Social Security Number

After being warned about 99gamers I decided to look for an alternative site and have been looking at gameflipapp. I was about to start selling but I read that I have to give gameflipapp my social security number in order to cash out. There is no way I’m going to do that. Is there not another way?

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Unfortunately as of right now we do not have another way. Eventually we do want to get PayPal incorporated into the app, but do not have a time frame for this right now.

As for the reason why we ask for the SSN. Most banks require that you input your SSN in order to access your bank account. For anti-fraudulent and preventative measures Stripe (our third-party service for handling all payment and withdrawal processes) also requires your social security number.

Just so you know, we do not store any bank or credit card information on file, and all of our transactions go through Stripe, a very trusted payment processing company.

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As a former bank teller, let me explain something @RoverReo ; your going to have to use your SS if you ever want to use online pay depositing or automatic deposits from your job. The app itself uses it so that it can deposit your money into your account, just like how your job can Just deposit your money into your account. Their is no difference in how it’s done or the security they offer, just that one is an app and the other is…your job. In fact, it is more unsafe to just send checks in the mail, because anybody can open them and take your money! Heck, being able to use a paypal account will also require your SS so you can put it in your bank. Or you can have it sit in your PayPal forever (or at least till it glitches your account and losses everything. It happens frequently and their is no way to fix that by the way) so either choose to use the app or don’t, but don’t make it on the point that you don’t trust people with your SS. Because someday you’ll have to realize that you can’t do anything without trusting people with your SS. Or else you’re just setting you’re self up to be SOL.

How did I do, @BurTheFly?

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This reply came up in my email and while I decided not to use this site i’ll respond to this post. There’s a difference between giving my SS to a sketchy site that’s only available on a mobile phone and giving it to Paypal. You can’t compare an app to job. None of the other trading sites, nor the one I currently use, require a SS number. Also you should brush up on the difference between there, their, and they’re.

So if you think this place is sketchy, why are you here? It seems rather counter productive that going on the forums and saying how you’ll never use the app because of a safeguard that, I say once again, even PayPal uses. I can compare an app to a job because that’s how some people on this site are using it as even, as a way to buy low priced games and sell them a bit higher to make a profit. Whatever site you use doesn’t connect to your bank account. You NEED to have your social security connected to allow access to it. If your not adding your social, your more at risk.

Also, why do you even care so much to comment about my grammar when your not interested to use the site. Why are you even arguing about how your sites are used in other places? This is a safe, secure site that does all it can to protect us and help us when our money is in jeopardy, what does this achieve except for a convent way for me to get a free point for the contest? (By the way, thanks for that :wink: )

So in short, why is this still a thing?