I was banned for a small reason

So a few days ago I had 20 pound in my wallet and I got banned. I tried to transfer all my money to my other account since my parents PayPal but it was rejected so I tried to add my sisters PayPal to the account but I could t find out how to add it so I made a new account and tried to transfer the money by listing a rocket league key for £20 on it and buying it on the account which had the £20. Then it was under review for a few hours then I’m suspended. I want to know why I was banned for that as it was useless having the money just sitting there because i wanted it in cash. If I’m going to get banned for something I can’t do anything about I think it is unfair and I should me unbanned.

This action you made is considered fraud. Therefore the account was suspended.

For more information, please contact us at support@gameflip.com,