I was scammed and I got punished!!!!!

So a week ago I bought a steam code from steam pumpkin the code was invalid so when i tryed to confront him my account gets suspended and he makes this whole thing where I used the code 5 mins after i bought it but when i tryed to it said it was invalid or already used. Please some one help if you need to see my steam purchase history ill be happy to send it to a mod.

Post your invite code and the purchase’s Order ID so the mods can help you.

My code is 6621PC


Can you send me any information that could help me investigate this?

Please, send me via PM, thanks!

What info do you need

My suggestion is to take a screenshots of your screen where you try to redeem a key, getting that message about your code is invalid, also contact the service of that product you bought if its microsoft, steam or playstation you can simply create a ticket about your code, maybe I can speed up a thing, which product you purchase from Steam Pumpkin? How long is that code you bought just give me the format of code like (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) something like that.