Identity Verification [UK]

Earlier today I saw a post saying that someone who used a UK passport to verify had been revoked. A few hours ago I submitted my photos with my UK passport, with a selfie, piece of paper, all required. 1 hour ago, I saw that it was rejected as it was invalid document or format. Does this mean that we now cannot verify our identity with a UK passport that clearly shows our identity?

a real problem with verification team of gameflip they kip telling me to put billing adress

Hello Aurora,

As I mentioned in your other topic, only state/country-issued ID such as a Driver’s License or Identification cards are accepted. We are unable to accept passports.

@Bat_Man Can you tell me your profile code, so I can further check it?

hello @MajorTom thanks for respond
my code: DEJ9UK

I mean… aren’t passports country issued? They have a clear showing of one’s ID.

@Bat_Man Your ID has been approved.

@Aurora Unfortunately, passports are easier to falsify. Only driver’s License or Identification cards are accepted

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@MajorTom I don’t have a driver’s license or ID… is the use of someone else’s with consent accepted?

@Aurora Yes, but you must add a new billing address on your account that contains the same information (Name and address) as the one found within the document.

@MajorTom Thanks, I’ll try and get that done later today.

@Aurora Please let me know as soon as you do, so I can try to speed up the process.

thank you @MajorTom

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