Rejected Verifications!!

I followed the id verifications steps and i got rejected and they told me that i should send them an id that is in english but in my country i don’t have any id’s in english meanwhile my id worked with other websites verifications.

Here is my code : GNUKZT


You may send photos of your passport in this case as far as I know, passports from your country are translated to English. Some other users with a similar issue, sent their passports, and their ID were approved.

If you have any other question, please, let me know.

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i don’t have one for now so can i use my driving license it has my id number , my full name and my nationality in english but my address in other language

No problem!

Send the driver’s license as you said. The team will check it within the hour.


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Sent Thanks

It got rejected (Driving license verification) because it doesn’t match the Account’s (Name - Address) so added another address of my own and sent the same verification again and added a photo that i changed the address.
is my Verification going to be accepted ?
Thanks for your time

Thanks it has been Completed

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