no identification

No identification:" These driver’s licenses may not be used for identification purposes . Gameflip promotion that a DL to be used for the purpose of identification is illegal under the law. However a US passport is the highest form for a person to be used for identification yet they have chosen to use a DL for identification and not allow a passport. What Dumb Asses

The link you posted goes to the front page, did you post the wrong link? If your driver’s license was rejected or you don’t have one, you could request support to verify your passport instead.

Post your profile code so a moderator can look up your account.

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Obviously you have not read game flip policy that states: we do not accept passports for identification purposes. That link goes to the DMV because that’s there rules and regulation in regards to the use of a driver’s license is not for identification purposes. is a site owned by a private company. It is not a US government website. If you still want help from a moderator then post your profile code.

Thanks for changing your verification identification, but I will not need to purchase anything, I’ve continued to play the game and found all weapons, resources and completed the game without buying anything on this site. Obviously this site is for others who are unable to play the game.