Getting Gameflip Verified Is So Hard

First, valid IDs differ in each country. In ours, not all have a driver’s license or passport. We have Tax Payer’s ID and Social Security Services ID though. But sadly, Gameflip kept rejecting my IDs and kept asking for a driver’s license. Do people in the US all have one? What else should one do to get verified? I already used my Taxpayers ID and my Social Security Services ID but still got rejected. It has my name, birthday, address and a photo. I also took a selfie with that said ID with “for Gameflip” written on a paper as instructed. :roll_eyes:

I hope Gameflip can reconsider what “valid” IDs to accept. Also, not all people have phone bill as well. We use prepaid sim cards here.

I used my government-issued drivers license to verify my ID.

Contact Gameflip Support about this, as they only accept government-issued ID, such as drivers license.

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