Important...i hate scammers.

Hello guys so i was outside doing some shopping then i checked Gameflip’s App, i saw that Buyer telling the seller to contact him via instagram, or discord, so i ran to the home fast to type this topic, @DarkKnight @MajorTom you should check this fast he will scam poor people want a money for their life, i don’t deal with that, i hate scammers

That’s unfair i really feel so so sad for sellers to be scammed from Kids or whatever they are, keep scam sellers for their money, @DarkKnight Hope you ban him Please.


Note: now he changed his name to Gerard PQ

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You should write a ticket to support team, here’s

No, i’m just warning The sellers!

yes, if you opens this topic - you have also reporte this scammer

I will bro you too try to report him Thanks so much!:hearts::blush:

Thanks adam_saber for reporting this to us.

This user was already banned from our marketplace due to other violations.

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Yay, so glad to hear that i always worried about them and will always be there for flippers. :heart:


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