Innovations: Identification of the person

Hello. Today I saw innovation in identification. My card, unfortunately, is not supported, as it belongs to the Russian Federation. What should I do? Do you accept a passport of the Russian Federation? I have no rights to the car, no ID, only a passport of the Russian Federation. I do not want to lose my store with a rating of 1400+. Thank you.
Code: E2SUVJ


You should create a ticket Right here

Or ask moderators for help, I think @Tali is online right now. He will help


Hi Jill!
I have checked your profile and you are already qualified to sell.
If you mean the purchase confirmation, in case we ask for documents you can simply reply on the ticket saying you only have a passport and we will evaluate the case.
As I have checked, there was no need for that on your latest purchase, so it should be all clear ^^

You shouldn’t have to go through this process, I’ll investigate and let you know.
Meanwhile if you want to send your passport we can evaluate it since we know there are Russian passports for internal use.