Interface changed

Am I the only one who noticed recent interface changes ? It look so much worse now… What you guys think ?


Looks fine to me, but I think it doesn’t show “thumb up” option in Sold list for transactions I didn’t rate yet.

Could you give screenshots of what looks worse?

Invisible button for Unblock


This color looks bad on dark theme

For me selling panel look much worse, icons of products became smaller, colors changed… Can I somehow bring back old design ? :frowning:

Please give a screenshot.

Yes, if we could please get this option to give feedback on the Sold page it would be fantastic. It makes it much faster to rate.

Also, most of the issues have been fixed regarding the site appearance, but the drop down lists used for filtering on the pages are still appearing “blurry” to me on Chrome.

This is how icons for product look right now, they became much smaller.

There is also a formatting problem on PC (tested on Chrome and Opera), while it’s all good on Android APP.

This is how it’s supposed to look (Android):

This is how it looks like on PC no matter how many times I press Enter between the lines:


This should be fixed, too.



Hi. Will any of these will be addressed? Some important stuff is missing/not working after interface update.

Besides the thumb up and new line formatting issues you mentioned, please give screenshots of other issues you are encountering.

Was the blurry filters problem always there, or did it appear after the interface change? Is it happening on a different browser on the same computer?

It seems to have been fixed today and now is appearing to be slightly “bold” rather than blurry. It appeared after the update and I only noticed it on Chrome (didn’t have a chance to test in another browser before it was fixed.) Thanks for the reply!

Even the ‘thumbs’ for easy rating are back!

One other thing I suggested before and that you may consider for the future is adjusting the Movies sections. Currently UltraViolet and MoviesAnywhere are the only categories. UltraViolet will be defunct after tomorrow (though many codes will still be able to be redeemed through Vudu, etc.). New categories could be MoviesAnywhere, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play as those are the most common remaining options for redemption/viewing.

Everything seems to be in order now, even one thing I didn’t mention. Great. Thank you!


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