iOS app features

I think i’ve suggested this last year. Seems like nothing changed.

Mobile browser version has extra features like showing us discount percentages, or selling multiple items at once.
Why not add those features to the iOS app.

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iOS app does show discount percentages. Not sure what you mean by selling multiple items at once. Could you show screenshots of these features on the mobile browser version?

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Discount percentages doesn’t work on in-game section.

You can select multiple items when you’re selling on browser.

This is what it looks like to me, so it must be a temporary error or so.

I’m on iPhone 7 Plus iOS 12.2 and i haven’t seen any percentages on in-game items since i installed the app

Discount percentage is only for USD gift cards and Steam game items.

What is your Gameflip app version? (☰ > Settings > Gameflip version)

Gift card section works fine but in-game items doesn’t

Version 5.4.2