Add percent off symbol to IOS app

Hello! I think it would be great if you can see how much a skin is on sale (the green percent off thing) for the IOS app, as it is hard for me to find skins to buy in csgo since I do not know what skin has the best deal.

Regards, Ludvig

Hey @Ludvig_Wallman, can you make sure that you have the latest update to the iOS app, as this feature should have been implemented a bit ago. If you still can’t see this, please feel free to contact Support with your device version and OS so we can further assist you and look into the issue.

Hello again! I have the latest IOS for my device (iPhone 6) and I have the latest version for gameflip (I re downloaded the gameflip app just in case), but I can STILL not see how much sale a skin has, and I have to always go to the browser version… any quick reasons as to why?

If you haven’t done so already, can you please send a ticket to support with some screenshots of this with your device information and we’ll be able to look into it and better assist you.