Is Gameflip's Guarantee Indefinitely?

Hi, so I’ve always had no issues purchasing on Gameflip as it’s a pretty safe platform overall. I understand that Gameflip does not provide refunds as well unless the item purchased has been revoked by the seller. But what if in the rare circumstance, the seller revokes the item purchase (Say a gift card for example) after 1 or 2 years+ from the purchase date. Would Gameflip be able to protect buyers after a year or 2 from the purchase date if a sufficient amount of proof has been provided? Also, what happens if the seller’s Gameflip account is either deleted or suspended by Gameflip, would Gameflip still be able to provide that guarantee to the buyer? Just some questions I have that would definitely be helpful to know if any of these instances occur in the future. Thanks

I’m not entirely sure, so don’t think what I say is exactly correct - wait for a moderator.

I would assume, like other companies, the guarantee last for x long. Their guarantee says that ‘The Buyer will have 3 days from the item being marked as received to submit a dispute under the Gameflip Guarantee.’, and no info from the buyer in 7 days will invalidate the dispute due to a lack of evidence.

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