Is it illegal to sell accounts?

I really want to make money and i can’t find a safe way except here - so is it?
I want to sell game discs but i am in saudi arabia so no one will buy them…

Dont sell accounts on gameflip, if you try, you can receive ban, If you see someone selling account/s, report him.

I guessed it - i will sell it somewhere else btw i have $6 under dispute because i purchased an invalid code and the dispute is 9 days old now… I did a topic - ticket and a dispute can someone help me…

I just sold a GTA modded account for 20$ and my account has been suspended. Why it is ilegal to sell accounts? A part of that I sold a 10$ Xbox Gift Card I had, and now i lost it, will be my account suspended permanently or I will be able to get my 10$ back? Thank you.

I think its permenant

And pls I need someone to solve my problem o want my money

You should read the Gameflip guide on what you’re allowed to sell: