Is it illegal to sell accounts?

I really want to make money and i can’t find a safe way except here - so is it?
I want to sell game discs but i am in saudi arabia so no one will buy them…

Dont sell accounts on gameflip, if you try, you can receive ban, If you see someone selling account/s, report him.

I guessed it - i will sell it somewhere else btw i have $6 under dispute because i purchased an invalid code and the dispute is 9 days old now… I did a topic - ticket and a dispute can someone help me…

I just sold a GTA modded account for 20$ and my account has been suspended. Why it is ilegal to sell accounts? A part of that I sold a 10$ Xbox Gift Card I had, and now i lost it, will be my account suspended permanently or I will be able to get my 10$ back? Thank you.

I think its permenant

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And pls I need someone to solve my problem o want my money

You should read the Gameflip guide on what you’re allowed to sell:

I reported a scammer 4 times for selling me a banned account and he still hasn’t been suspended so I’m guessing gameflip just chooses who to ban and who not to ban

Hello @Annon_w,

Keep in mind that we do not allow users to buy/sell accounts on Gameflip.

So next time you se a user selling an account, do not purchase the account and report the user right away.

Could you please provide me the ticket you reported the user on or the order ID?

I will take a look to see what was done or if any action needs to be taken ok.

God Speed! :trident:

He’s still continuing to sell roblox accounts… he has a listing for 25 dollars which literally has the name of roblox acc he is selling please ban him…


This was the order ID. If you can see history of the messages in the order you can can see him giving me an account with password that has the product. Regardless the account he sold me got banned the next day so I messaged him about it and he said he can’t get banned for selling accounts…

This user has been warned now. Please feel free to let us know if he continues to sell accounts or any other prohibited items.

Please note that we are not obligated to inform users if reported offenders will or have been banned, but remind our community that we carefully review each report before making a decision.

hello i need help but i cant message you sadly

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Hello @Agatha73,

Could you please specify your issue so we can help you out?

Also, you can feel free to send us a PM if you would like us to verify your issue privately.

God Speed! :trident:

But he is still selling a bundle for 25 that has a roblox username of johnathanboo1130 which was listed a day ago… he isn’t stopping check his listings

This listing was last updated on 6/22, but he was warned after that.

The listing has already been removed. Please feel free to let me know if you find any other violations.

I made a purchase last year it was around 425 i never got a refund but I don’t use that bank can i get funds because its been a year and the support was very horrible abt the situation

Hello @Agatha73,

Could you please provide me the order ID so I can understand what happened?

Also, why have you waited so long to report this?

Keep in mind that if the Support Team already verified the case and made a decision, then this case is already closed.

God Speed! :trident:

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Also I did many emails back then but no response so I wanted to try again today


Both purchases have already been canceled at that time and the money should have been reflected in your bank account 3-10 business days after cancellation.

I see your tickets have already been answered and the support team already explained our cancelation process.

I believe you have already done this, but please contact the responsible bank for more information about your funds as both transactions appear as canceled on our side.

If you need any cancelation evidence to show the bank, please let me know.