Is it permitted to sell likes and followers?

This user ( has been selling likes and followers on Youtube.
Is this permitted @DunnBiscuit ?

Hello, not it isn’t.

I removed the listings and warned the user.

If you see any other listing like that, please contact me again.


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that seller is still selling it

Still there @DunnBiscuit

That guy is not only still selling likes and followers on Youtube, but now he/she also added the sale of likes and followers on Instagram.

Thanks guys.

I suspended his account.


Look comments done by this account

There is another person selling Instagram followers and when I told him it was against TOS he said “well i did it before” and then proceeded to block me.

This second part isnt against TOS I think, but he comments on other people’s posts for items and he directs them to his shop to buy the same item.

His name is Alextugud Shop and his link is

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You can buy, there are seps for this.

Hello @Teromi,

Keep in mind that it is forbidden to buy/sell likes and followers ok.

Doing so could lead your account to a suspension.

God Speed! :trident:


hi i need help