Seller spamming duplication method sales

Can somebody tell me if this is against TOS or not and if it is can somebody please look into it.

This guy is posting $5 duplication method every couple minutes

Included profile link below.

Copying and duplicating listings is not against TOS but idk about the duping in the game.

I’m talking about he is selling a duplication glitch, I’m pretty sure that’s breaking rules but I’m not positive

Yeah, I don’t play Fortnite so I don’t know anything about this. The listings don’t even mention what he is duping.

Well that’s another issue all on it’s own, Gameflip you are supposed be as specific as possible on your listings :slight_smile:

It’s mixed as to whether they allow something like that. For example, they didn’t allow a guy to use that BL2 editor to sell guns for that game. However, they’ve let some guy sell hacked pokemon for years.


That’s classified as “Prohibited items”, and it’s against TOS.

Last time I checked, the listed user from above is banned. Problem solved

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