Is it safe to buy Nintendo eShop gift cards?

So my Nintendo account was permanently banned after buying some Nintendo codes that were revoked for chargaeback on this site.
I made a new account and just wondering if buying Nintendo eShop giftcards on here is safe.

Thanks if you can reply

As a eshop gift card constant buyer in here, with most sellers with months to year selling on gameflip with decent positive reviews I can say it is safe worst case and especially with new to negative scored sellers is that the code does not work, you can’t redeem it on ur nintendo account, been 2 years and till today I have not had any issue with all the gift card that has been redeemed on my eshop nintendo account(no ban for chargeback if any, hacked codes or fraudently adquired codes) but dont buy eshop game codes outside of a retailer( like from another person) because you may risk ur account as ur aware, but back to topic, eshop gift cards are safe after been redeemed so far I have seen.