Is it weird that I've become really attached to Gameflip?

Half serious question :laughing:


It’s not weird lol. I like how it focuses on games and it’s pretty cool to see what people are selling :slight_smile:

Me too @ZalexDuhBeast, me too :laughing:

It’s not weird at all, I browse daily just for fun. It’s like having an old school video game store in my pocket. It’s kind of fun seeing what everyone else has and I’ve bought and sold quite a few items already.

The only part I don’t like is when I end up buying things more often than I should because Gameflip has made it way too easy for me just shop away. Thankfully I can’t get everything with free 2 day shipping yet like Prime or I’d have to buy a bigger house already…

Anyone out there have an extra house they want to post for sale in the event this becomes an added feature? :sunglasses:

Gameflip is brainwashing us with crazy deals!