Is there a way to Request Support for issues having to do with other users?

A seller (Username: Heisenberg) has been abusing the tagging function on their listings, including unrelated keywords on listings that don’t have anything to do with said keywords. What this essentially leads to is all of their listings popping up whenever potential buyers search for commonly in demand items, and their unrelated listings obviously clog up the search results, which means that it’s incredibly difficult for buyers to actually find the items that they’re looking for. If you want an example of this, look up the search term “Stimpak” or “Fireman Uniform” under Ingame Items->Fallout 76 PS4. I was recently looking to buy both of these items, but I couldn’t find any actual listings, due to Heisenberg’s entire stock taking up the majority of the pages. Is there any way to report the user? They have apparently been doing this for weeks now.

Anybody? Lol

You can open a ticket here and explain what’s going on

Thanks for this information.