Is this guy a scammer

So basically I was looking for an ark account because I really liked the game. I bought the game with balance, credits, and paypal. The guy gives me the credentials and I change the password and email. After that I get off for a bit then come back on to see a lot of messages saying are you scamming me? respond! pay! I instantly responded saying hi. Since I am new to gameflip I thought I had already paid and didn’t know. I then paid and rated the guy. I tried logging in but then the password was changed. I went to my email and it said there was a phone number added and the password/email was changed. He then locked the account so I can’t do anything. Can I get refunded?


You’re not suppose to be buying an account to begin with. It is not allowed and against the rule to sell accounts because the person that created it has ultimate control over it. You were basically scammed. Who is this seller on Gameflip? Please go to the profile and screenshot their username and invite code.

Rubikiler: . I can’t finding his invites code but right now he is the account he was meant to give to me for half price. I have screenshots of our chats

I would highly recommend you providing screenshots of the entire conversation to expose this scammer.

Ok when I get the chance, I will. Also he changed his name to cheaper rank



After this I realized the account’s credentials were changed. I cannot get back in contact with him but how I know he is scamming is because later he tried selling the same product for 12$ which is clearly a scam. The only thing I am happy about is that I saved someone from being scammed

Hey please, can you please send me your invite code so I can look into this further?

Thank you!

My invite code is 3G4KH1

Hey, unfortunately as we checked your account, and saw that this purchase is complete.

Therefore no refunds can be issued.