Issue with an old Account

Good evening fellow Forum Users,

I just created this account in the hope that you could maybe help me with a problem. I had created a Gameflip account back in Beginning of 2018 and later at some point ordered it to be deleted as I didn’t use it anymore. Now I really want to buy a code for Rocket League Wheels safely from Gameflip but I can’t because my old account is marked as suspended because I wanted it deleted, but I also can’t create another one because my phone number can’t be deleted from the old account. Is there any possibility that I can transfer my phone number to a new account or reactivate my old one? Because i really desperately try to get my hands on these wheels.

I know this shouldn’t be the place to ask about such, but I already contacted the Support and didn’t get a reply in 4 days so far. And because only 2 of the codes are left on the market I really want it to be solved as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and patience to have read this and I hope I didn’t bother you.

Sincerely Foxus1010

Nevermind it got solved just now, anyways thanks though! Could anyone please be kind enough to close this topic? :smiley:

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