Issues with phone verification

Hello Flippers!

Our team detected an issue that is blocking phone verification for all users and they are already investigating it. As soon we have a fix, I’ll share it here.

Meanwhile, if you have questions or any other related issues, please leave a comment on this thread or open a ticket to our support team here.

Thank you!

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Yes, I’m one of those. And I have credits that are going to expire soon. H1E97Y

Hello @SiberLevi730

If it expires, please let us know

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My $10 credits expired on 10/09. H1E97Y

@SiberLevi730 Are you able to log in to your account now or are you still facing the issue?

If you are still experiencing the issue, I suggest you message me again as soon as it is fixed

I am still having the same issue.

Any word on when the app will be functioning again? H1E97Y
I’m still missing my $10 credits and I have tried changing the 2FA in settings to text only and I still need a security code to change the setting.

Help! I can’t move forward with purchases.

Hello @SiberLevi730!

The apps should be functioning normally.

Also, I have verified your ticket and can see that a Support Team member resolved your issue.

Hope you have an awesome day!

Godspeed! :trident: