Item "Under Review" for over a week

I sent a figure to a buyer and the box got damaged. He put the item under review but neither he nor I have been contacted by gameflip’s admins about the resolution process. Can I please get someone to look into it?

BTW, he said he doesn’t want to return it, so we’ll need to work someting else out I guess? What is standard protocol for something like that, refunding part of their money?

When a Buyer puts a purchased item On Hold, it also sends Support a ticket so we can look into the situation and further assist. We may need more information from the Buyer to continue to investigate the situation, which may be where the issue is at right now. Since if it was over a week, we have definitely already reached out to the Buyer asking for more info.

Can you please ask the Buyer to make sure they’ve responded to the email with any info that we’ve asked from them.

You can also read more info about this in our FAQ section here:

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It still has not moved at all. I don’t know if the buyer even gave more information or just ignored it. I repeated what you said he’d need to do, but all I got was an “ok”. Is there a feature for an item to time out once it get to in review but hasn’t moved in two weeks?

Yeah, if the Buyer is non-responsive to us as well and we don’t receive any extra information that we ask, we’ll go ahead and take it off Hold. Unfortunately I don’t know off the top of my head where we are at with this, so please feel free to contact Support and they’ll be able to give you more information on what’s going on.

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