Item under review for very long

Hello Gameflip,

Im currently listing my item ‘Sea Rake’s Bridle’ in dota 2 section. The item was sold but the process not yet completed because it is under review. Im was anxious and waiting patiently thinking why my item under review for very long for 24 hours long ! Not like usual i sold hundred items before ! Futhermore, i just saw the buyer(curt abueg) selling an item same item like was mine. Is it the item come from my property and yet i dont receive fund from my selling item ?

Below i attach proof of picture.
Please fix mine. My invite code TU4K4T.


for more information on why an item is under review, please check the link below:

Also, the process might take more than 24 hours, since, we may need to ask for more information from the buyer.

It is rare to pass this 24 hours, but this may happen.

Thank you.