Iv been charged 6 times!!

I purchased one item from Rocket league and it kept saying my postal code wasn’t working so I tried again. Eventually it worked. The I went to look on my back statement, $100!! for a $15 item what the hell!! idk what else to do and I’m pissed off!!

Hi, those must be pending charges and not actual charges. When you enter your zip code wrong, the charge is still recorded. Once they see you entered your zip code in wrong the other times, they will not charge you all those times. Only the time you entered it correctly.

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The I went to look on my back statement, $100!! for a $15 item

This doesn’t make sense. There is NO POSSIBLE way to charge $15 to total $100. Get your story straight and make sure the details are accurate.

I checked my bank statment and it said pending 16.77 6x for one item. So would they take off the charges for the one when i enterd the wrong postal codr

Yup, I’ve been using my credit/debit card for almost 10 years now. I’ve experienced this a few times and the charges always drop and only one goes through. Don’t worry, but keep an eye on it and check back tomorrow to see that it is true.

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Usually companies do what’s called “authorization”, and they appear on the credit card (online). The actual charge takes place later and will appear on the statement end-of-the-month. That’s how cards work.

Yea i hope, there still pending.
How long did it take for yours to cancle the extra charges.

1-3 business days. I have TD bank and Chase who are very good and usually takes care of it in one business day. Try calling the customer service number on the back of your card to have them confirm what I said. Sometimes it is simply more reassuring to hear it from an official representative.