I've got suspended..


Hard time for me, I have been suspended for “editing” proof of evidence of non-working item. This is totally ridiculous because I have bought over 100 games and I have complained about very few games which same reason(selling overused or not redeemable codes). Funny thing is I have selling many games, I really can not get the point why they trust non score Seller instead of me. It’s make me feel not a part of the platform, to be treat like a rubbish.


Umm, can you send me your profile code via PM so I can investigate your account and give you more information?



Hi, I have sent you already! PKJJBU


Sorry guys,
I have to say it publicly. I claimed the code bought on Gameflip is not usable. After that my account has been suspended. The staff resent me generic answer, however I have provided a proof the charges are from cosmos.
I will not create the theory until someone seriously look into my case/


Please don’t reveal your code to anyone even if it was redeemed


I answered your ticket. we will continue any conversation over there.

Thank you.

No response to my case over a week
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