Just got 3 emails and notes' for sub renewal, but no charge on bank

I got one email and notification, and then a few minutes later, I get a 2nd set, and minutes later a 3rd set.

I have logged into my bank and there are no pending or finalized charges for any of it.

Can you see if something has gone wrong with my account? I do want to renew. Thanks.

Just got a 4th set…

I wonder if what is happening is that it is trying to charge my account, being rejected, and then it keeps trying? If that’s the case, it obviously shouldn’t send the email and notes until the charge actually goes through.

My account is low, but has enough to cover it. I have $11 and the charge is only $4…if it ever goes through.

I just got up and I now have accrued about 20 sets of these messages, and my bank still has not been charged.

My subscription is going to run out TODAY, and my ‘store’ will exceed the caps pretty fast, not to mention the higher rates coming back, etc.

I need to get this resubed FAST!

Yesterday, after several of these messages, I decided to try and change the default billing address in my settings to see if that would fix it, but since changing it, I’ve had about 10 new messages, so that did not fix it. Something else is wrong.

FTR, I have both addresses listed at my bank, and they’ve been on record for over a year. However, for some reason, different companies will except and reject different addresses. I don’t know why. Some will only take my street address, and some require my po box.

I just checked my bank balance and I still have $11 in there, enough to cover the charge. I will be adding more funds today, but this obviously should not be a reason for rejection.

Please look into this ASAP, as I’m going to lose my sub today. Thank you.

I should also add that my GF balance has had more than enough during the renewal period to cover the sub as well.

I have now filed a support ticket…hopefully it won’t take too long. :confused:

I’m now up to about 40 of these things. There should be an automatic reporting system that sends a flag to the staff when multiple messages are sent out like this.

Do you mind sending me the ticket number via PM so I can personally check it and provide you more information?