Latin America Payments?

Hi! support told me that LatinAmerica payments are not being accepted anymore (They are fixing something i supose)

This is a long term problem? my business depends on it. Paypal and Skrill are blocked in my country, Credit Card payments are poping errors everytime…

So basically their payment system discriminates to those with latin america IP? good to know mate, since P.R. is not part latin america but the internet provider companies uses both U.S. and Latin America IP and its currently fighting in U.S. congress the discrimination from internet companies that refuse to give us equal service as US citizen(in our case) but I believe this matter in your case should be look and fight on a political legal level on your place, a ver si paran.

Let see if mods do reply and helps :confused: I highly believe they should remove/kick out their new company they hired on December-January that deals with all payment methods and have the old one or a better new one that don’t discriminate. because in the long run, is gameflip who going to be hurting in sales and the sellers.

Hello @Wolfy_Zero, there is no discrimination whatsoever and what @Geronimo_Castreje told isn’t true. I just read the message that was sent to him and he misinterpreted it.

We we are working to fix any issue with Google Pay option (which is the option @Geronimo_Castreje was trying to use) you guys might have, meanwhile there is other payment methods that can be used. If you have any other issues with other payment options, please ping us here or open a ticket so we can investigate further.

Thank you.

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Guys skrill doesnt work on my country and normal credit cards method also pops errors, so I dont have any way to make a purchase now… This problem started 2-3 weeks ago


New error…

dude, is the image card number ur visa card and info? be if it is, highly recommended to delete it .. and probably(highly) ask for a new card .. to ur bank and eliminate that one :confused:

F@ck im so mad that i forgot to erase that, anyway the card is blocked almost anywhere in the planet-
Already leave my account on “0” money haha

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