Limit to posts per hour

Users need to be limited on how many posts they can make an hour.

It can destroy the market completely if we continue to allow infinite posts. New sellers will leave and the community will continue to become toxic


If the user has the code / item to back up the post I don’t see what bad they’re doing.

Lucy :heart:

Did you see this topic lucy ? People are spamming for their own benefits

The true issues is people are relisting there items by bumping them up, that breaking the rules. The user will get warned if the moderators find out about it.

Lucy :heart:

I think Dunnbiscuit prefers to be messaged privately about these and then he’ll monitor or take action. I believe the rule has been stated that they can ‘spam’ listings as long as they aren’t automating it. It sounds pretty bad though so if you could provide some proof via message the user would likely get a warning to tone it down a bit.

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I have more items than i list @CidxLucy that is not the point

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It would only be bad if they put a limit to posts per hour.
There no reason for it.

Lucy :heart:

People can post 100 posts a minute. There is no need to post so much. it just creates spam. It literally will sell by someone doesnt have to be the one who posts the most. reason for more sales right now is not the spam but the price drop

I post new items once a week. Sometimes it’s 50+ new games in a few minutes. This limitation would make this practice of mine real pain, so I’m not supporting it.

But I would like to see limiting non-instant delivery items somehow.

Yeah you are right. But maybe thay can limit the post same item. I mean if you post 10xkey you shouldn’t post it again in the same hour.


Actually, you can only re-post the same item withing 24hs difference.

Yeah you’re absolutely right and it has changed the feel of the rocket league market over the last year on this site. That’s why the item sellers don’t put the effort in they used to. But if you want keys or crates you’re all set.

I’m not sure why posting over and over is okay here. There should be a cool down time in between posts.

Anyway you did the right thing voicing your concerns here. The more people that complain the better but unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything being done to fix the problem

I warned the user reported, keeep posting your suggestion here so I can keep assessing this with our team.

Thank you.

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