Seller spamming 36 posts a minute

This user is spamming at a insane rate and is ruining the xbox one rocket league section. 36 Posts a minute the same listings repeat posting all day. I can’t even use the most recent tab its all him.
Please do something about this how is this fair to other people trying to use the section normally? His profile is here below and a picture of the whole most recent page him as it is all the time with this absurd spam same items repeat over and over every 9 minutes with pictures

Hello @VoxyRL,

Could you show the search bar?

For all we know, you could be filtering it, because I can guarantee that no one can post that quick, even utilizing an API.

Also, please show times when showing the posts. You could have shown the same listing, just a small time difference between screen-shotting them.

He literally stopped posting now, i promise he was posting this often somehow. It was like that for days, if you go to his profile you can see he deleted all of his listings. Can’t mods see the history of posts even when deleted to prove that he really was posting 36 posts a minute?

He literally must of seen the post or something, because minutes after he deleted all of his listings. I don’t even understand how he deleted so many listings that quick either? What is he using to be doing these site breaking things? Please look into this as i’m sure he will go back to the same posting pattern but it is very weird timing for him to delete everything right after me posting about it

Hello @VoxyRL,

I have spoken with him, and the listings were deleted as a result of this post.

When on PC, listings can be easily deleted by clicking the top box and pressing ‘Take off Sale/Delete’:

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So when he goes back to this crazy spam can i please message you about it? I’m sure he will and this ruined the whole section for days with him getting away with it

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Hello @VoxyRL,

I am pretty certain that moderators can view all previous transactions of a seller, but not deleted listings, because they are, deleted.

If it is easier to message me about it, please do.

Note that I have no power to do anything about this seller. I can only recommend you to pass things onto support or do it myself.

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Oh i see, well you’re very helpful i see you on the forums a lot. So thank you i appreciate that, i’ll be sure to message you directly once he goes back to abusing this spam again to see if maybe you can help me figure out what to do. Thanks again and have a great day :slight_smile:

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Hello @VoxyRL,

I’m glad that I could help.

Please contact me if you have any problems.

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Now there’s another user spamming called PennyLane … I dont get it. There’s just so many spammers

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Hello @Ethix,

PennyLane has been looked into before, and Gameflip verified the issue as not spamming.

Gameflip try to stop people posting the same item in less than every 24 hours. This seller does post continuously, but different quantities, which is fine.

If that has changed, let me know.

There is another user spamming 24/7 same items and amount over and over all day. He has 2 accounts he does this on too… Spams all day as online and is never there he gets a ton of poor and neutral ratings because of this too

You can contact Support if you feel that any users are breaking rules. They will check.

You can DM MajorTom/DarkKnight on forums about it as well after contacting Support.

Nothing can be done by normal users.

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Yikes just like the Fortnite section

Hello everybody!

For spam reports, please DM me directly or open a ticket to support team by using the link mentioned by Sparkling Juice

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