Listing under dispute for almost 2 months now [Need help of ADMIN/MOD]

Hello, one of my listings is under dispute for almost 2 months now.
It is clear that the person got the item exactly like advertised. I did text the support but nothing until now. What can I do about that?!

Inv Code: SXZ962

Here is the Order ID


Which type of product you sold?

A Movie. But that shouldnt affect this in any way. Had disputes in almost every type of listing before and it always got solved in 1 or 2 weeks top.


I was able to remove the hold from the purchase.

Next time, please create a ticket regarding that. Since we have new hires helping with tickets, the response time is diminishing a lot.

Thank you.

Will do that next time, thought it was obsolete since there is a new support tab when there is a listing on hold.