Listings of Nintendo digital games (codes) are no longer allowed

More and more users are stating they got their accounts unbanned, so I’d recommend everyone who got their Nintendo accounts banned to stay in contact with Nintendo to resolve it.

Could you not just implement a mandatory review system for Nintendo codes so you could isolate the sellers or the bad batch of codes? It seems crazy to cut a whole systems digital sales on your site.

Make it so you need to have an account that has been active for X amount of months with X amount of sales and reviews. I would imagine only new accounts are the ones selling the bunk codes. Simple solution.

I’m a newish account lol and I’m not selling duff codes it just seems like saying no more Nintendo codes is a bit hasty.

Maybe an identity verification so if they turn out to be bad seller, they’ll be blacklisted from selling those type of codes again.

Yeah good idea ID verification and mandatory code reviews would I’ve better than taking away Nintendo codes for sale.

Nintendo eshop gift card are still allow right? only games codes are affected and it the only issue with nintendo related of all people cases I have read in here and also i constantly purchase and use eshop digital codes here and always have been safe all of the working codes, hope that have not been affected @op_JOkEr, just to clarify?

Thanks guys for all the inputs. We have decided to remove the listings of digital codes for now. We’ll be working on new procedures on our backend, so we have a higher chance of reducing new scam attempts.

We do enforce ID Verification and we have the IDs of the sellers who got suspended in this case on file.


You’re right. Only Nintendo game codes were affected.

thanks for the clarification

Just make the requirements for listing Switch items, ID verification, reviews, age of account etc until you figure out how you want to proceed, removing that marketplace isnt a great idea. Some will be upset they cant sell but its better to have some sales than zero.

I agree with the temporal ban to the nintendo digital games, the issue here is with nintendo and some sellers, most of the ban are from chargeback, on previous post many people have been affected during December and January, and either this has been happening long before and now nintendo acted on banning all it a new fraudulently trend going on recently, either way, I would not risk with digital code games until nintendo policies are check and very strict policies to scammers sellers doing charge backs, like legally pursue then in court even are put in place, my personal opinion.

Yes, we understand that. This is why we call this halt temporary.

We apologize for any inconvenience and lack of sales during this period. We know the vast majority of sellers are not here to scam or make use of fraud, but unfortunately, in this case, removing the support for Nintendo game codes is the fastest and safest way to protect Gameflip and Nintendo users from being exposed to new fraud attempts.

Next week we will work further on this matter.



i sold in the last months Nintendo Switch games here on Gameflip. Generally the decision is good to do something about this problem. But in my opinion its a little bit unfair now because we legit seller also will get punished and I never heard that Nintendo banned one account from a buyer from me.

It was only (presumably) one person who always sold this bad games which multiple accounts! The name of this user(s) well known and the game offers from this guy was always the same.

At least I hope the Gameplip team will find a fair solution for both side to avoid this problem soon.

Best regards

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Thanks for your reply and for understanding @Lexwood25.

I’m glad things are being resolved with the Nintendo Switch codes and accounts. I have been buying from this one person and some sellers are legit. I tried to warn many from buying from this one seller, but some were too entice by the seller’s prices. I hope things are solved for the good because I also have some DLC and indie game codes to sell. I agree with @Lexwood25 and hope that there is a fair solution for both buyers and sellers.

Edit 1: I also find it disgusting for those who know they have banned people’s accounts but continue to make multiple different accounts and try to sell their games at much lower price to attract people’s attention.
Edit 2: Also I realized that everytime the seller made a new account, it was instantly verified. So many Gameflip needs to change its verification process.



I’m a buyer not a seller and never had any problems as I buy from what are obviously trusted sellers. Surely those sellers should still be allowed, seems unfair to tar them with the same brush

yeah, you are legit, my friend bought few codes from you

Good that action was taken but like others said hope something gets figured out to have a solution for sellers without problems. I’ve sold lots of Switch codes without any buyers having issues.

There are a few codes listed from verified sellers though, so I wanna be there too, over 100 sales and perfect reputation seems pretty decent, huh. I sent my pics, my code is FK25KA.