Looking for Amazon CAD cheap pls

Looking to buy amazon cad, any sellers?

Hello, How many card you are looking for?

around 500$ (or maybe more) id prefer 5x100$

Hey guys, this nocap user is a scammer, do not fall for it please, stay safe.


Also the Etto_Dummy guy is also a scammer and that nocap guy is too. I sent etto money and he requested more money to “release” my original agreement codes then had blocked me afterward. The nocap guy just sends dead codes then tries to blame his “supplier” saying he will get me correct if sent him more money but obviously I said no and he blocked me.


hey, thanks for the reply i kinda figured, theyre all so sus lmao

hes saying hes not a scammer lol

lol hes deleting now cuz he got caught

Lol I could prove it, I literally have his chat still and is his discord mznvrr #6651 correct? Because I literally still have all the chat and could send it to you if you like. It provides me no benefits to call someone a scammer except to help another person not get scammed. You could even check out my recent post of looking for a supplier for Xbox live codes and PS+ codes he even commented on it and that is how I got talking to him and Etto Dummy.

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Also etto dummy and him is the same person because Etto dummy just changed his discord name to mznvrr#6651 then nocap is mznvrr#0001 so I am sure they are the same person just trying to squeeze out a few bucks from every bulk buyer. Just beware of him that’s all I gotta say and stay safe out there.

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i believe you lmao, he wanted me to buy 500$ as our first transaction lmao, and yeah its probably the same person