lost phone lost access to account.

Hi, I lost access to my account when my phone got lost.
I can prove what number was connected to the account and through my email connected to the account.
I have had more than 400+ listings sold I hope I can get back in because there is still a-lot in my balance.

and ofcourse my inlog info username and password, and I ofcourse login through the same ip. is there anyone or a admin that can help me.
support is not responing to me possibly because I can’t fill in my invite code in the tiket.
becuase I don’t know it.

even if I can get a payout through the connected payment method would be fine, then I can try to open-up a new account.

Haha seriously bro ? you think we dont what account take over is ?
Anyone can hack email and rat pc to setup a backconnect proxy from same ip

Admins do not give this kid his money
Nice try scammer

This is an issue that can be only resolved by our support team.

Please open a ticket and follow up with them.