my gameflip account was hacked and i still havent gotten it back

about 6 mounths ago my account was hacked and they purposely shut it down so i couldnt use it and i still havent gotten it back im just wondering if i ever will

How did you log in to Gameflip? Facebook account, Google account, or regular email/password account? Were you required to enter a phone code when logging in?

For the forum moderators to help you they need to know your profile code. Or create a support ticket and put in “AAAAAA” as the “Invite Code”, in the description give the phone number you registered on Gameflip so the mods can look up your account.

The 2nd past word is that person trying to hack your xbox live?

Lucy :heart:

i used my google account to sign in and no ive never needed a phone code
and my code is XXUS7N

the second pic is him bruteforcing my account passwords i made a post about this and as far as i know he got banned but not before ruining my account

You can send a emails directly to them

Lucy :heart:

Ok i will send the information to them and see if i can get it back
thanks for your help lucy


i still haven’t heard anything from them

There is no ticket from you as far as I checked.

Please, send us a support ticket so we can check this further.

Thank you.

i sent one yesterday

Can you send me the number via PM?


did you get my pm? i sent it a few days ago and i haven’t heard anything

Remember its the weekend. You will get a reply Monday.

Lucy :heart:

sorry i dont mean to hassle ive just been waiting awhile is all

No need to apologize. I hope Dunn can help you fix your issues.:blush:

Lucy :heart:

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