Please help !! Someone Hacked My Account on GameFlip and Bought Gift Card Worth $200

Please help !! Someone Hacked My Account on GameFlip and Bought Gift Card Worth $200 This has happened since April 17th I have provided a ticket with support GameFlip… I received notification in my mail *Purchases * But I did not do it I could not stop anything when it happened … What should I do to get my money back? how could I ever be hacked how this has happened I’m surprised and support Gameflip does not answer 7 days help Me Please !!

@op_JOkEr@DunnBiscuit what can I do now? Support doesn’t answer …

My invite Code : 6U17HB

Happened the same to me on April 20th

Invite code: SYR9Q2

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What should we do to get the money back? The frustrating thing is that support does not answer !!


Hello guys, as said, we are invastigating this issue already.

This isn’t an issue that is solved quickly since we need to investigate every aspect of what happened and how it happened.

Whenever we have an answer, we will let you know.


Thanks Man … I appreciate this much … but in such extreme cases why support is very late in response and assistance !! 9 days and Nothing new

for investigating 1. which login method do you use? like google or facebook login and 2. do you use the gameflip api? maybe if we collect these answers we can help gamelfip to find the exploid and fix it


Hey Bro, I use Mail Yahoo, not Google or Facebook But I don’t give my account information to anyone and I don’t use any Bot I , don’t know how it happened So far I didn’t get my money back!

More than a month later, I have not lost hope in solving this problem GameFlip refunded my money … Thanks Support GameFlip Special thanks For @DunnBiscuit Have a Great Day Man !

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Hello guys.

As you saw, we concluded the investigation about this issue and we were able to issue a refund.

@BeleMr9, sorry for the delay and I’m glad that we were able to help you.

Have a great day!

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