Plz help someone hacked into my account and brought gift with all my money

I just woke up and saw email notification from gameflip of purchasing 2 of 20$ PlayStation Store gift card that I have never brought and whoever did hack into my account have confirmed the orders and I have never brought them neither did confirm them. never shared my pass to Anyone neither did share my account with one. so how can this happen? plz get me my money back
U can speak with seller to get him to revoke the keys my invite code is TA7TWZ

plz can someone respond @op_JOkEr @DunnBiscuit

happened the same to me on 20 april, I’m still waiting

thats really suck, i saw also another person here post that he got hacked too, they need to do something about it, and i want my money :frowning:
and whoever hacked into my account he confirmed the orders too:(

i have changed password last night when it happen , and i changed the password again made it over 20 charecter , i was in bed just now and i got notification someone brought 100$ gift card i open the app on my iphone fast but order already been completed wtf why is this happening ? i have lost over 140$ in less than 24 im completely broke now

and i have did Change 2-step authentication method

I had the same thing, I immediately opened a dispute on these purchases, the main thing is not to confirm these purchases to have a chance to get money back, support for the gameflip answered me only after 5 days, eventually all my money was returned to me, so you just have to wait.

but i cant open dispute, and whoever hacked in , he immediately completed the order

The same thing happened to me 9 days and Support doesn’t answer -_-

at the time when the hackers made purchases on my money, I managed to open the dispute in the same minute and change the account password, the support of the gameflip answered me that my account was attacked by hackers from the USA, the Netherlands

Yeah Bro…I did like u …But why support does not answer me only at intervals Did the same thing happen with u?

im glad to hear u got ur money back sergio, but i think there is a big problem in gameflip security login, i had changed the password to strong one but still got hacked second time in less than 24 hours , the hacker first time he hacked there was 40$ but im sure he saw the 80$ pending wallet thats why he came back only 3/4 hours after the pending went into my wallet and cashed them out with 100$ gift card which it was 82$ , it was almost 2 am i was in bed but i was using my phone and i got the notifiction thanks for purchasing the gift card i went online immediately i tried to open dispute fast but it was already order completed and now im left with 3$ in wallet and 0 pending , i have 1 buyer brought listing from me for 33$ im unable to sent him the order as i have no money to buy it from the supplier to sent it

the support is very slow which is really not a good thing, in cases like this hacking the support should be into this within minutes and responds should be faster , ive been hacked twice in less than 24 hours with no money left and only got 1 message from support

To prevent the hacker from stealing money is enough to enable the confirmation function of the purchase through the authenticator on the phone, then the hacker will simply not be able to confirm the purchase even if he has access to the account


you need to create a post about entering the function of confirmation of purchase through the mobile authenticator for security, for example I do not know whether I will be hacked in the future, and so I at least will be sure that my phone will not be taken over by a hacker.

let’s do it together

THX for the advice but I cannot find the confirmation function in the mobile app

i cannot express how much i am sad and frustrated and completely broke, just after my account got hacked and 120$ been stolen because of gameflip security not very strong , i get message from gameflip support saying ( Unfortunately, since those purchases have already been completed, we are unable to issue a refund. Your account has been suspended in order to prevent any further unwanted purchases. ) really ? that how you treated your members getting hacked and to make them feel more worse about the whole issue you suspend their account to protect them ? @DunnBiscuit

in my case, I managed to open a dispute on these purchases and it helped me to get my money back, here the main thing is to react and not to hesitate in time, but about the mobile application, there is no such function so that the purchase is accompanied by a confirmation on the phone, but it would be great if it done.

oh okay i thought they already has,
when someone hacks ur account it only takes him 1/2 minutes to buy and confirm the purchase , and you cant always be online, but last night when it happen i was in bed using my iphone when i got notification i have tried open dispute immidiately and changed password but order already been confirmed , but i still got a dispute message from gameflip saying dispute receive it, but than got a replay from them saying it looks like your problem has been solved , and on here theyre not responding :confused: