[SOLVED] Someone hacked me and bought with my money!!

For some reason 2 orders of 225$ each has been purchased on my account that I HAVEN’T BOUGHT.
I was watching a film and I received 2 emails saying “Thanks for your purchase!”. I changed the password and openned dispute fastest possible.

Invite code: SYR9Q2

I happened the same thing, someone was able to make a purchase for my money! here is the post I created on this topic

support for the gameflip does not answer me 2 days for my complaint, it seems that someone hacked the trading floor gameflip, dear representatives of the gameflip take action sooner and help get money back.

I have been selling for half a year on gameflip, how can I be sure that my money will not be stolen from me, I’m afraid to keep money on my account and make sales!

invite Code: 1NF3EX

we are in the same situation :frowning:

We are already investigatiing all the cases that we know.

As soon as we finish our investigation we will contact you guys about it. This a major issue and we are going though every detail in every case to help you guys the best we can.

Thank you.

how should I be with this purchase? it will not automatically be considered successful? I will not confirm this purchase because I did not make it, or should I just wait for your answer in this situation?

You need to wait for our answer regarding this situation. We are investigaiting all cases related.

Don’t remove the dispute. Whenever we have a solution I’ll let you know.

Please, contact me via PM only. It is easier to find your messages there.


Thank you very much for helping me, I got my money back! I took every precaution to face this did not happen

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I’m still waiting :disappointed_relieved:

It’s been 14 days, nobody answers me the tickets, the orders still on hold and I don’t know if the website is safe to continue selling

you did not check the spam folder in your mail? letters from the support of the gameflip were for some reason in the spam section in my mail, maybe you too

I checked right now, there’s no mails from gameflip

Hello guys,

I sent a PM for you. Please check my message and answer me there.


hello , what about my money ?

I have also gone through more than 16 days and there is no response or any answer from the support GameFlip ! This is very sad …

Probably Karma for marking me poor for no reason. @BeleMr9

Okay so I transferred 10 dollars from my WeChat account to my gameflip wallet and I still haven’t received any money in my wallet. How long is this supposed to take?? The money has been taken out of my PayPal account but not added to my gameflip wallet.