someone is hacking account and stealing money

Hello, someone is hacking accounts and he is using all my money to buy stuff… HELP

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he is still buying things so I payouted the rest of my money :frowning: 6a77646725b955efd1346072776361a7|690x473

Just to ask (cuz i see you are not first person), You use facebook/google as login or just normal by writing login and password?

I use google as login method.

Before, someone added you on steam? Someone did ask you to open some weird link?

No it’s impossible that someone got with something like that in my account. And my Google account is also double secured (with the google auth on my smartphone)

I just try to understand, You know - you ain’t first person to get hacked so there must be some exploit or way hacker use to get access to accounts. Maybe Google auth has some bug on gameflip.

@DeemonRider, thanks for letting us know.

We will investigate it and we will try to solve this as soon as possible.

I recommend you to change your password, update your AV and use an anti-malware, as well since your computer might be compromised.

They @Pawel_Chojecki, thanks for asking those questions, those will halp you investigate this even better.


I use the login method as login and password and also I have a mobile authenticator, I did not go by any link, I always check the site address on which I go I have a licensed antivirus and licensed windows, I know the methods of hackers well and what methods exist hacking, but I was not saved by the fact that I know how hackers act, I’m inclined to think that hackers used a vulnerability on the site to gain access to users’ accounts, but support for gameflip asserts me that this is not an attack of the gameflip site,
support tells me that this
I was personally targeted, but judging by all that the money is stealing from many users of the gameflip site, I’m inclined to think that this is a vulnerability of the gameflip site.

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Now I practically do not sell anything, because I’m afraid to keep moneyflash in my account.

I’m 100% sure that my computer didn’t been hacked, I use different passwords for all websites and platforms and gameflip is the ONLY ONE who got hacked.

I was hacked only by the gameflip account, my other accounts opskins, bitskins, skinbaron, steam are not touched by hackers.

yes this just affects gameflip

Same thing that i never been hacked before…this first happened on my account at GimpFlip !

mobile authenticator on purchases is the solution

Even email, and can be only on stuff like gift cards or games etc.

mine the only account got hacked is gameflip account, my others g2a ,steam, opskin, etc, haven’t been touched and i have one of the strongest antivirus and internet security installed on my pc, so im 100% sure there probably some glitch inside gameflip that hacker found out it allow him to hack accounts on gameflip

10 days…