Why did you ppl take money out of my account.

Y’all need to contact me. I thought i called PayPal yesterday and got scammed out of money through this app. I never used this app before. I sent Google play a long message about y’all scaming my bank account.


Can you please open a ticket to the support team so they can check this further?

Y’all stolen my money once I would be a fool to click that link


Looks like your PayPal account got hacked by someone who then spent it on Gameflip (or other sites). Coming here to rant/blame Gameflip is unproductive. The hacker could just use your PayPal account anywhere for that matter.

The first thing you need to do is securing your PayPal account such as changing password and add two-factor login.

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Here’s the number I called I got off Google for PayPal. They will answer as PayPal but I found out through PayPal there not with PayPal. 855 509 3752. Till them you need help with PayPal and they will use your app to scam you