Malicious punishment

When I was selling PUBG merchandise, I received a malicious insult from a person. He said that this would ban my sales, but I don’t know him. When I checked his merchandise, I learned that we might be selling the same merchandise. Csgo h1z1 dota2 Everyone sells the same goods, but the price is different, the seller is different, but I received your handling and warning this morning, I have reason to believe that he is your employee, I can not sell this product he monopolized the sale. He joined the deal within a week. I sold more than 1800+ goods. Unfair treatment will allow more sellers to leave. Virtual goods are not delivered through logistics. A large number of buyers will lose the price advantage, a large number of buyers will only go to other preferential websites to buy, I am very angry with your unfairness. When I really want to know, if I violate the rules, your employees can sell us but not

There is nothing fair about this website. Sellers are website staff or their friends, they are monopolizing the market.
Even if they sell prohibited items, the administrator will not block the account, but will ban the accounts of people they don’t know.