Please ban a scammer who steals my product image

A newly registered gameflip account he used to steal my product images, and my nickname on the product image
And selling it at a low price, the price he put on shelves is unrealistic.
Please ban him and avoid letting others be deceived.
Link to the product posted by the scammer:
I posted the product link:

The scammer is still stealing my product picture

@Tali @SweeTooth


Wait so he’s using the same image as you are for the item? I’m pretty sure this isn’t against the TOS mate. You’re using someone’s IP and imposing it on a background that’s probably a stock background. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m fairly certain this one doesn’t fall under the “scamming grounds”

I am selling such goods, I know very well whether he is a liar, he steals pictures of my products. The selling price is 1/4 of the normal price, and is automatically shipped. This product is not a direct-to-use code and cannot be shipped automatically.

He is a newly registered account, directly stealing pictures of my products, and he forbids me to comment on his products. He is not a liar. Why is he doing this?

Please don’t call someone a scammer and ask him to get banned when you have absolutely no evidence to support your claim.

Everyone should be assumed innocent until proven guilty, and just copying your image and having a better price than you does not make him a scammer.

The seller also doesn’t have any active listings at the moment, one would think he should have many listings up right now if he was indeed trying to scam people, don’t you think?

Either way, you might be right, you might be wrong, what i’m trying to say is, please provide evidence to prove he is a liar and a scammer like you say he is.

That’s why I’m sure he’s a scammer, a new account, copying my two products directly and selling them at a very low price. The product being sold cannot be automated, but he has set up automatic delivery. There is only one possibility, that is, the buyer needs to confirm the completion of the order transaction, which is a common method used by the scammers.

He copied my product before. After I commented on his product, he deleted it and copied another product. The price is also $50. The price of the goods he sells, I know and get the channel. The price he sold. Even the cost price can’t be reached

Hmm, very strange to write this thing against this seller. He did nont anything wrong. He wanted to sell this item by lower price - he did. I think he is better then seller like you.
And you are not fair seller because I tried to buy from you few times some kind of items and you did not send me them, you often decline order due highering price on market where you get them.
You spammed pubg items category by a lot of same items (non instant delivery 1 day) and if someone buy from you, you often decline order due issue with changing price on source where you can get them.
So do not try to hate other sellers and try to be a honest seller.

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Hahahaha, are you teasing me? You only bought one $1.19 for me here. You said that you bought it many times in me? And I lied to you?

Let’s wait and see if it is a liar. I won’t blame it. The products he currently sells. This is not the code. It cannot be shipped automatically. It sets up automatic delivery. You actually defend the

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