Missing 3$ from weekend promotion

I have bought 35$ eShop code this weekend 15.6 under promotion “PROMO ALERT Get $3 in Credits for any purchase of $10 or above. You get your favorite item on Gameflip and we give you a hand on your next purchase!” and i have bought code 16.3 Order ID: 762460c8-00cb-44df-b097-a862739b56ad. Date: Mar 16, 2019. I didn’t received nothing. Can admin look into it?
Thank you.

Make sure to check your notifications, usually you have to click one to add the credit to your account. If it’s not that sorry and good luck.

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As I checked, this exchange of yours didin’t participate on the promotion either because the purchase was made after it was over, or the promo max usage hit it’s max.