I bought an item for more than 5$ during the last promotion while it was active but i didn't get any credits

I think i bought the listing before the promotion ends but it took me a while to accept the trade offer and when i confirmed it, the promotion was already ended shouldn’t i get credits?

You should’ve received a notification telling to get the credits if you were eligible to the promotion.

If you didn’t, this means you purchased you item after the promotion ended.

Thank you.

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But i always get that notification after i confirm the purchase, i confirmed the purchase after i made the purchase with couple of hours

Did the quantity limit end before you confirmed the purchase?
Either the time limit or the quantity ran out.
Yes there normal a date the promotion will end but there also a limit quantity. Whatever come first then promotion ends.

Yes i guess but didn’t i participate in the promotion from the moment i bought the item?
Sorry for my horrible English :grin:

Only if the time or quantity limit didn’t run out.
Alot of people use this time buying alot of things, sometime buying muti different items.

My guess is the quantity limit ran out before you bought your item.

Alot of people see the time frame of these promotions and assume they got into time runs out.

Like I said I believe the quantity ran out before you bought it.

Remember Gameflip does alot of promotion, people go crazy buying when they pop up.

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they stiffed me on my 2$ credit also.

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